Snow Day Announcement

White House in 2016 Blizzard

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Com 392 | Speech Writing

Assignment 1: The Press Release

Write a press release about a weather alert.

Description: Press releases are similar to news stories. They get to the main points quickly. Today press releases are distributed via email or online.

Trinity Post
Washington, D.C,
January 22, 2016

Subject: Weather Conditions and Accommodations


Dear Trinity Post family,

As a result of the severe snowstorm predicted to hit the metropolitan area, announced by the National Server Storm Laboratory (NSSL), the organization will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. The snowstorm is predicted to produce at least twenty- four inches of snow. According to NSSL, the storm will begin Sunday afternoon until Wednesday morning. Additionally, it was reported that the snowstorm might have a tremendous effect on the electricity in various locations in the metropolitan area. Please also take notice that metro buses and rail systems will be affected by the storm. Buses and trains will be running on an hourly schedule. Metro buses might also change route depending on the severity of the road conditions.

For more information on metro schedule and routes click the link below. Road conditions are also expected to be extremely dangerous and icy. Caution is advised while driving.

Work Accommodations

As you all know, our organization has a strict deadline for stories to be submitted in order to distribute newspaper the next day. Therefore, in order to meet our deadlines for Monday and Tuesday, stories, gossip and other aspects of the newspaper must be submitted electrically. Stories will still be required to be turned in by our organization’s deadline. All of our stories for the next two days will be published on the Trinity Post website. Despite the changes made due to the storm, all stories are expected to be turned in on time to the editors and gatekeepers. However, in the case some employees might experience a power outage, it is important that the president of the organization is informed as soon as possible. Discretion will be made for employees who lose power. Lastly, keep in mind that keeping our deadline is essential to the organization’s productivity.

Keeping in Contact

Due to the closure of the organization for the next two days, there will be no one in the organization’s office to answer calls or emails. Accordingly, if anyone needs to get in contact with the president or the director, employees can contact them on their personal phone number and organization’s email address, which are listed below.

President Peter Smith

Number- (202)561-8956


Director Anthony Lewis

Number (202)561-6503


Closing Remarks

We hope that you and your family have a safe and warm extended weekend. Be sure to check your email for any further updates on organizational plans or weather related updates. Remember to drive safely.

Author: This practice speech was co-written by Eliana Rondon and Sana Silvera-Roy for Communication 392 Speech Writing Class


About Ashley Strange

I am studying Communications and English at Trinity University In Washington, D.C. I spent five years in the D.C. foster care system after my mother passed. Life for me has always been a struggle. Specifically, school. I thank God that I was able to graduate despite being told I wouldn't. My learning disability seemed to be too much for teachers to handle; so, I was casted away and did not learn much. After entering foster care I began to go to school everyday and managed to graduate with a 2.7 GPA. I consider myself an advocate and an example for foster youth and for those who were told to basically give up. To this day, I find it amazing that I got my High School Diploma, and will soon be a college graduate. My advice to people like me is to never give up and always strive for success!
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